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Contemporary Kitchen Designs

What's the secret of a successful contemporary kitchen design?

According to Paola Antonelli of New York's Museum of Modern Art: "Contemporary design is experimental in its use of materials and is often inspired by genuine necessity. Still, it sustains elements of surprise and deep intellectual beauty, because it relies more on invention than on the elaboration of styles."

What that means is bringing functionality and form together producing a design that emphasises simplicity, dispensing with all the bells and whistles and unnecessary fiddly bits whilst combining everything you would ever need in the kitchen of your dreams.

By offering new and clever ways to do an old job or maybe just using a material not before considered, it's the originality of new ideas that avoids dullness and brings light and pleasure making every minute or hour spent in your new kitchen simply a pleasure.

Contemporary design is innovative!

Many people have the idea that a contemporary means plain white or grey or all chrome. There's no reason why that should be the case and a modern contemporary kitchen can have as much or as little colour or even natural wood as needed to bring your ideas to reality.

Contemporary modern design can look expensive and sometimes with the occasional use of unusual materials it can be. But it doesn't need to be!

Osprey is here to help...

When designing your new kitchen Osprey will offer you the modern and contemporary kitchen of your dreams with that individual, striking and stylish look - but keep your budget at the forefront of their mind so you get what you want and only pay for what you need.

When you know what you want - Osprey Kitchens can help you get it!


Fill in the form on right and arrange a design visit for a no obligation quotation! Nothing to lose but a lot to save!



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